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TBPco Mobile Satellite Television Products



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The Executive is currently MotoSAT's longest running satellite TV product. It's rugged durability and simple design are the key elements behind the Executive's longevity as a tested mobile satellite system. The end of the OSD marked a new era in the Executive's development enabling it to reach further and operate more efficiently under the new Nomad series Universal DVB Controller. Coupled with the Nomad's easy push button operations, the Executive is once again slated to attain new heights with extended usability and renewed life.

Systems From: $1,595 + Installation

24" Reflector System available from: $1795 + Installation (ideal for low-signal areas)



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The Freedom stationary automatic dome system has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Taking cues from its predecessor, the Mini Dome, this new system emphasizes and reiterates MotoSAT’s commitment to reliability and simplicity. Inexpensive by nature yet efficient and simple to use. This dome system finally closes the gap between high-end/high-priced systems and the consumer level allowing for a new twist on mobile satellite TV.  Available in black or white.

Systems From: $1195 + Installation



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When it comes to High-Definition programming, you have choices. The MotoSAT™ HD Universal Mount allows you to choose the programming platform that is right for you. Whether you subscribe to DirecTV™, Dish Network™, or Star Choice™ (Canada), all you have to do is choose:

>> HD-SL5 for DirecTV’s Slim Line 5-satellite system (99°, 101°, 103°, 110° and 119°.)

>> HD-DP3 for Dish Network’s 3-satellite system (110°, 119° and 129°.)

>> HD-SC2 for Star Choice’s 2-satellite system (107.3° and 111.1°.)

Systems From: $2195 + Installation

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All Our Satellite Systems are Self-Pointing -- They find the satellites all on their own.